Homeless Eviction: Important Papers

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   Start being organized right now, get a SMALL (pocket-sized) notebook and write down what property went where; even in the middle of this heart-breaking confusion you find yourself in! I know, it'll be tough, but it might also help to stabilize your emotions if you're thinking of something besides this tragic moment. And later, you'll want to know where your stuff went. And DON'T just say to yourself, I'll write it down later... because 90% of the time you won't be able to or won't think of it. Grab yourself a ziplock bag too (grab a few extra ziplocks to keep things dry, while you're at it!), the ziplock is to put that little notebook in! Put your address book in a ziplock bag too! Trust me!

   Oh, and as silly as it seems, write down what you had to THROW OUT, also, make a few pages just for that. Why? So you know later, and don't accidently think you left it with Aunt Sally, and start an familial incident! Also, you should keep a record of what the government made you lose by their incompetance and corruption! (Unless you believe a government 'for the people, by the people' isn't culpable in any way for your eviction and subsequent homelessness, of course!)

   This little pocket-sized notebook you keep in a ziplock bag is your first piece of important papers! Your second is the address book I detailed you making in another article!

   Now, let's get your other important papers together! You will be putting your important papers, birth certificate, school transcripts, baptismals, car title, etc, at the most secure location, in a lock box or what ever you can to make them more secure. It's a real pain in the ass getting this stuff back. Maybe throw a sticker on whatever container you find, and label it, "(your name) important papers".

   If you have warning of your eviction, spend a day calling all your credit accounts and tell them you're about to be evicted, see if you can work a deal for later payment (probably not, if the rich people who owned these companies cared, you would have been bailed out by the government, and not them!) But in any case, give them a forwarding address if you have one. Take one copy of each of these bills and put them with your important papers, also!

   Write down what you owe creditors in your little notebook, also, with the creditor name and address. That's information you will need access to later, say if you apply for food stamps or any type of assistance. And immediately on getting evicted call the electric company, water company, gas company phone company and ISP and whatever other bills were related to your old household and get them turned off. You don't want to end up paying more than you have to.

   Now, copy your little notebook onto some paper and put it with your important papers! Now you have a backup copy!

   There are important papers you want to keep on you, and some you will want to store at a secure location. Let's go through that!

   Keep on your person:

  • State Driver's License or Identification Card
  • Veteran Administrations Identification Card
  • Social Security Card (get it laminated if you can)
  • Copy* of your Birth Certificate
  • Copy* of your School Records
  • Copy* of your DD214
  •    * you can go to Kinkos or similar place and get a reduced copy that will fit nicely in a wallet. But, make sure it's readable!

       Store in your most reliable place:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Original School Records
  • Baptismal or Church Records
  • Military Records (DD214, Medical, other, etc.)
  • Any other official records you have, like a car title
  •    Of course, you'll have to carry all of this with you if you don't have any place to store things and no friends or family. Use a ziplock for things that can get wet and damaged. Trust me! Ziplock bags are your best friend now, not just for keeping things dry, but for storing things like toothpaste, deoderant, and cologne/perfume in your bag without getting it all over your other things! Always get the extra air out when you seal them!

       If you're living in a car, put your important papers somewhere else. Your car is not as secure as you might think, in that the government might tow it if they find you sleeping in your car. Yep. It's illegal in some places to live in your car, so now's a good time to check out your local laws since you still have internet access! So, better to leave that your important papers with friends or family, because these a-holes aren't going to let you get your stuff if you forget it in your car, not without bailing the whole car out for $hundred$ of dollar$ you don't have. "Oh, your important papers are in your car, sir? Boohoo, pay to get it out of impound, you bum!" And if you're thinking I'm just being an ass, and that people aren't like this, fuck around and find out! Your citizenship just took a nose dive from 'upstanding' to 'scumbag' the second you became homeless.


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