Homeless Eviction: Overview

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   So this is an overview of things you need to do, and it may be too late to do some of them, as you may be reading this after being evicted. My intent is only to help, not to criticize, so ignore anything it's not possible for you to do! I'm changing this overview as I'm writing the articles and I think of things, or move things around to different categories, so you'll have to bear with me, this ain't no MSNBC up in here! I'm just a Vet trying to help!

   The time to start preparing for being Homeless is BEFORE you're evicted, if possible.

   In America, most of us are just a paycheck away from being Homeless, whether that's actually on the street, living in a car, or couch surfing or some other form of homelessness that I'm unfamiliar with.

Here's an overview of the articles I'll be doing on Homelessness. (If there is no link in the title, well, I haven't done that one yet!) But, first things first before reading the article 'First Things First' is to check the Homeless FAQ! LOL

First Things First

Update Your Address Book

  • Add Creditors
  • Add Soup Kitchens
  • Add Shelters
  • Add SNAP and other Government Benefits locations
  • Add any NGOs you might find
  • Add any Food Banks you can find
  • Add YMCA
  • Add places to donate plasma or blood products
  • Add any 'Day Work' companies
  • Add any Gyms with showers
  • Add the street address of your local Post Office USPS
  • Get a Post Office Box if you can afford it

  • You'll need an address to get P.O. Box
  • Check about your USPS local 'General Delivery' options
  • Change of Address
  • Disconnect your Utilities

  • Call and get your utilities disconnected as soon as possible upon eviction, or if you know when you're going to be evicted, schedule disconnection ahead of time!
  • While you're talking to the utility providers for your home, see if you can get the bills deferred as long as possible. I wouldn't hold your breath, but it doesn't hurt to try!
  • When you disconnect your utilities, take a copy of your latest bill and put it with your important papers.
  • Defer what other bills you can!
  • Storing your Property

  • Write down what you store and where!
  • Don't store things easily replaced!
  • Storing your Important Papers

  • ID or Driver's License
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • School Records/Transcripts
  • Baptismal/Church Records
  • Military Records
  • Other Records
  • Cell phones and Smart Phones

  • Pay as you go
  • Where to charge
  • 'Homeless Buddies'




    Libraries and other Public Resources

    Shopping and Coupons


       As I said this list will be changing, as I write the articles and move stuff around. This is already the 3rd variation of the list and I've only finished one article at this time. So, bear with me and check back for updates! And consider donating if you can!


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