Homeless Eviction: Storing Your Property

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   I thought I'd write this out into an article, although it's mostly common sense and personal preference, because you're probably about to lose a lot of stuff just from the eviction alone, and you don't also want to be losing stuff because you didn't think through WHERE you were storing things that you saved from the eviction!

   You might think you can put your things in a monthly storage locker, and yes, you can. But, never put important papers in a storage locker or your car! A storage locker isn't a bad choice if you have the money, and some type of steady income that you can use to pay it, otherwise, it's probably a mistake and everything you put in there, you'll end up losing. If you choose to use a storage locker, remember you might have to choose between paying that rent on storage or buying food in the future. If you do rent a storage locker, put all the contact information for your storage place in your address book, as well as noting the monthly fee and due date!

   If you have friends or family who can store your things for you, that's a better option for long-term. But, if you do store with friends and family, I wouldn't overwhelm one location with all your stuff. Down the road, someone might decide keeping your stuff is too much of a space-suck or hassle and toss it to make room. Yes, even your most trusted friends and family might do this. So, best not to put all your eggs, so to speak, in one basket. Furniture can be replaced fairly easily, but there are momentos in our lives that are much harder to replace, and I'd put that with friends and family and not worry about your favorite love seat so much.

   Let me clarify this: I wouldn't bother storing furniture AT ALL, unless you absolutely know you're going to be homeless only a short time. In this current pandemic environment, I don't think anyone can say that, unless they're wealthy, in which case they're not being evicted, now are they?

   What you should be storing is irreplaceable or hard to replace items, your important papers, and things that have personal importance for you, like awards and medals and diplomas and such.

   What's irreplaceable? That's a tough one, I'd say thing like your high school or college yearbook, rings and the such. May not mean much to you, but they are hard pretty irreplacable. You'll have to use your own judgement on this.

   By 'hard to replace items' I'm thinking of expensive electronics mostly. Specifically if you have a decent desktop computer, or laptop computer. You'll definitely be storing the desktop, and you might want to put that with a really reliable storage person/people. Now, I know some of the younger crowd will think, I can take my laptop with me. And if you can keep it water proofed, and charged, sure you can. You can also buy a solar charger for that or your phone. But, you have to carry it. Now I have a 5.4 lb HP that is small, and I got for school, that's a nice easy to carry laptop! But if you have one of those big honking Dell laptops or something, you should go for a nice 5 mile walk with just the laptop and see how you feel about toting that around while you're homeless, before you decide not to store it! It's not easy to know what you can carry unless you carry it and I'm going to make an article about packing a 'homeless backpack'.

   One other note, get a small pocket-sized notebook (you'll want one for other things, anyway) and write down what you stored and where. One obvious reason you want to do this is so that later you can remember where your stuff is! The less obvious reason is that you don't want to go to Bill and accuse him of not giving you your laptop, when you actually left it at Ted's place! That kind of mistake can kill a friendship, and you need friends now more than ever!

   Personally, I stored some stuff in a friend's unfinished basement, his basement flooded a year or so later. So, that's a consideration. I left some poems with my little sister, in the storage space above her attached garage at her house in Florida. A hurricane ripped that roof off... another consideration. I left some computer programming books with a friend and he took them out of his house, put them in an old car topper (a storage thing you put on your car) and they were pretty useless when I got them due to wet rot and mold. Another consideration. What I'm saying is put some thought into where you store things, don't be like Eddie!

   Some of your important papers, you'll want to store with a reliable person. I've written an article on this topic, specifically. Don't just throw them in with other stuff when you store important papers, TELL the person you're having store them that they're important and need to be protected and kept safe!


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