Veterans helping Veterans

The purpose of UnknownVeteran.com is to provide information from Veterans to other Veterans, to help them in dealing with life after service, helping injured Veterans get disability, helping Homeless Veterans any way we can, and generally anything that might be useful to Veterans dealing with civilian life.

Since, there is informtion on homelessness here, we hope that non-Veterans who are homeless and others are able to find useful information too.

What you can find on this site

This site has a lot of different information on it, but here's an overview that might help you navigate it better.

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    Adjusting To Civilian Life
    Transitioning form military life to the real world can be difficult, hopefully we'll have some information that can help you with this!
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    Filing For VA Disability
    Being injured in the military doesn't guarentee that you'll receive disability for your service-connected injuries. We've got information to help you apply for benefits you may deserve.
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    Veteran's Resources
    There are a lot of resources and groups out there trying to help Veterans, maybe there's one that can help you.
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    Homeless Resources
    You're not a failure or a lesser member of society because your homeless: You're still an American! We've got information that will hopefully help you in your situation.
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    Veteran's News
    News that relates specifically to Veteran's issues.
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    Homeless News
    News that relates specifically to issues of homeless Americans.
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    Articles relating to Veterans and homeless Americans.
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    Political Commentary
    Political videos and articles by Veterans.
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    Ways To Help
    There are a lot of ways to help, we've got this information for those who want to help the homeless and Veterans.

Latest Work

The latest things available on UnknownVeteran.com

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Helping Starts With You!!!

A lot of people say that the problems of Veterans and the homeless are too big for one person to handle. Well, that may be true, but we have to start somewhere! It only takes one person at a time to start changing the world. Be that person!

Support the Unknown Veteran Website!!!

I'm paying all the bills for this site, the monthly web host, Adobe Creative Cloud, the domain and other expenses from my 50% Veteran's Disability compensation. Any financial help you can spare is appreciated!


Right now, 'we' are just Eddie Fetherman, but I am hoping other Veterans will want to pitch in and help out!


E. Fetherman
2639 N. Prospect Avenue #209
Milwaukee, WI 53211-3731, US
P: (414) 793-6447
E: eddie.fetherman@gmail.com


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