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Veterans Helping Veterans

Our mission is to help Veterans by providing information regarding benefits, homelessness, and other resources that Veterans may need. 


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Help out by donating to the Unknown Veteran Website fund!

Any Amount Helps! It's costing me more than $100/mo out of my less than $900/mo disability compensation!

What's going on with the site?

I'm working on it almost every day, trying to design template pages for the different types of pages there are going to be... like this page! I'm creating content AND pages, so I've set some big goals for this site, and can only keep plugging on, one thing at a time! Steady Eddie wins the race!

How can I help?

I'd love to have other Veteran's helping with the site, researching issues, even making videos with or without me! Also, there are costs associated with the site, this isn't hosted on one of those free services, it's all being done independently! You can Donate above to help financially!

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