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What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

   Vocational Rehabilitation is a program to help Veterans get jobs. It is used to get you training and/or a degree with marketable skills in a civilian work field. This can include paying for college if you qualify, not just the tuition and books, but also a stipend to help you survive on top of your disability compensation money.

   You will have to take a test which might seem very similar to the ASVAB (the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery that you took going into the military) How you do on this test will determine what part of the program you are eligible for, so, if you want to go to college I suggest getting some books from your public library to bone up on both mathematics (basic math, algebra and trigonometry) and English (basic composition, grammar, and sentence structure).

   Additionally, if you are an adult above college age, then you might be able to get into college without taking the ACT or SAT. If you are college age, you should get books on the ACT/SAT and study so you get a good score going into college.

   So an older fart like me, when I went to Universiy of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, had to take a test suspiciously similar to the ASVAB (again) to enter the college, and not the SAT. I had taken the PSAT in high school (that's pre-SAT) but never the full SAT. Now this test, and how well you do on it, will let you skip courses, for example, I did well on English, but poorly on math. (Because I DIDN'T bone up on my basic math before taking this college ASVAB.) The results of this is that I didn't have to take any basic English requirements in college (although I took Creative Writing anyway, in place of my Art requirement, LOL I'm just not an artsy fartsy guy!) but I had to take a remedial algebra course in addition to the normal entry level courses a college student would take.

   So, it's not going to kill you to do a little studying before taking these tests. If you do well on the VA ASVAB, you will qualify for more benefits, and if you do well on the College ASVAB, you'll skip some courses, leaving you credits you can use on electives you really want to take!

What are VA Home Loans?

   In Progress... Coming Soon!


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How can I help?

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